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Islamophobia: What Christians Should Know (and Do)about Anti-Muslim Discrimination – Jordan Duffner

SYNOPSIS: Jordan Denari Duffner’s ground-breaking new book argues that Christians—though they are not the targets of Islamophobia—should be at the forefront of efforts to end the prejudice and discrimination that Muslims face. In the book, she offers an introduction to Islamophobia, discusses the unfortunate ways that Christians have contributed to it, and offers practical steps for how Christians and others can stand in solidarity with Muslims. Ms. Duffner will discuss this book and take questions from the virtual audience. Link to book :

Speaker: Jordan Denari Duffner is an author, educator, and scholar of Muslim-Christian relations, interreligious dialogue, and Islamophobia. Her books are Finding Jesus among Muslims: How Loving Islam Makes Me a Better Catholic (2017) and Islamophobia: What Christians Should Know (and Do) about Anti-Muslim Discrimination (2021). A Catholic Christian based in Washington, DC, Ms. Duffner is currently pursuing a PhD in Theological and Religious Studies at Georgetown University. A former Fulbright scholar in Amman, Jordan, she is also an associate of the Bridge Initiative, where she previously worked as a research fellow

Discussant: Dr. Henry Goldschmidt is a cultural anthropologist, community educator, interfaith organizer, and scholar of religion. He is currently the Director of Programs at the Interfaith Center of New York, where he develops and facilitates education and social action programs for a range of audiences, including religious and civic leaders, K-12 teachers and students, social workers, attorneys, and the general public. Henry taught religious studies and cultural anthropology at Wesleyan University and elsewhere before joining the staff at the Interfaith Center in 2010. He is the author of Race and Religion among the Chosen Peoples of Crown Heights, an ethnography of Black-Jewish difference in a contested Brooklyn neighborhood, along with other publications on American religious diversity and religious studies pedagogy.

Moderator: Emre Celik is the Executive Director at Peace Islands New York. He has held positions in numerous non-profits in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Washington DC and New York working on educational and interfaith projects. He is currently completing his PhD in Islamic Studies examining civil Islam in the United States and regularly speaks on civil Islam, sufism, Muslim diaspora communities and human rights issues and has spoken at Harvard, Georgetown, American, George Washington and various other universities and institutions in the United States.

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