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75 years since Auschwitz – Lessons for today from the Holocaust

Beth Gerson, Ph.D. is currently a gallery educator at the Museum of Jewish Heritage – A Living Memorial to the Holocaust. Her extensive experience as an adjunct professor of literacy in the Graduate School of Education at Fordham University and a teacher and administrator in the New Jersey Public Schools continues to inform
her research and interest in culturally responsive pedagogy.

Whether working with students at the Museum, teaching graduate students who are preparing to become teachers and school psychologists, or facilitating an adult writing workshop, she is guided by the importance of building bridges of understanding across cultures through dialogue and sharing. In collaboration with her husband, she is currently working on a sequel to an earlier family memoir. Missing Pieces: A Family Story Retold is focused by a cache of recently discovered letters written during the rise of the National Socialist German Workers’ (Nazi) Party and early years of World War II. Like the earlier memoir, Missing Pieces is contextualized by each writer’s personal response to events as they occurred.

Rabbi Andy Kahn grew up in Tacoma, Washington and has lived in New York since 2009. Prior to starting Rabbinical School at HUC-JIR, he received a BA from Kenyon College in Ohio, an MA in Religion and Modernity from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, and an MA in Hebrew Bible from Jewish Theological Seminary in Manhattan. Today his greatest interests are cultivating and sharing Jewish spiritual practice, investigating shifts in Reform ideology over the past century, and the ways in which Jewish theology interacts with environmental consciousness and sacred space. In his spare time he can be found running in Prospect Park in Brooklyn, listening to podcasts and music, and reading anything from his Twitter feed, to sci-fi, to the latest in Jewish scholarship.

Emre Celik is the Executive Director at Peace Islands New York. He has held positions in numerous non-profits in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Washington DC and New York working on educational and interfaith projects. He is currently completing his PhD in Islamic Studies examining civil Islam in the United States and regularly speaks on civil Islam, sufism, Muslim diaspora communities and human rights issues and has spoken at Harvard, Georgetown, American, George Washington and various other universities and institutions in the United States. His op-eds, interviews and social media are available here :

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