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Fountain Talks – Human Rights: What is? What is not?

We would like to introduce the Fountain Talks, the newest addition to the Peace Islands Institute’s program series.


The Fountain is a bimonthly magazine that covers themes on life, belief, knowledge, and the Universe. You can learn more at In order to take advantage of what this unique magazine has to offer, we will be starting a monthly discussion series here at our NY office in the Diamond District.


The Fountain Talks will be an interactive program, relying on audience engagement and participation. During the program, a moderator will manage the discussion by asking several key questions pertaining to the subject.
Hakan Yesilova, the Editor of The Fountain Magazine, will moderate.


The round table discussions will be held the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 6:30 p.m. The event will last around 90 minutes. Light snacks and drinks will be available during the program.


Please join the conversation by registering for the upcoming program.
For any questions, concerns, suggestions or to request to be a speaker in one of the discussions, please send your emails to