Peru`s Achievements in the Socio-Economic Development

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Peace Islands Institute

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October 24, New York – Peace Islands Institute Center for Global Affairs has organized a Round Table Discussion on the “Peru`s Achievements in the Socio-Economic Development” in partnership with the Journalists and Writers Foundation. The round table featured two Members of the Congress of Peru, Hon. Maria Lourdes Alcorta and Hon. Carlos Bruce, who discussed the priorities of Peru in 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and strategies to implement the Sustainable Development Goals.

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Mehmet Kilic, the Diretor of Center for Global Affairs, has made the opening remarks saying, “These events, where we host Honorable Congress Members, are great ways to be informed about the opportunities between the nations and building bridges in terms of cultural exchanges, educational opportunities and private sector”.

Fr. Permanent Representative of El Salvador, Ambassador Carlos Garcia, was the moderator of this round table discussion. Before he left the floor for the Congress Members` remarks, Ambassador Garcia underlined that if we expand these opportunities to learn more about the Latin America, we would have the chance to turn them into long-term benefits. Ambassador Garcia indicated that the most frequent reason that the Member States revealed for not achieving the MDGs was that they claimed not to have enough resources to finance the goals. However, according to the Ambassador Garcia, this was a misleading fact as the main reason was missing the multi-dimensional level in the implementation phase of the MDGs. Once again, Ambassador Garcia indicated that if global development will come through, it would be the result of a global partnership.

Hon. Congressman Carlos Bruce started his remarks with the overall improvements in Peru`s economy. He emphasized that the open market policies enabled the Peruvian economy to have a growth rate of 6 – 8 % yearly and added that now the inflation rates never get more than 2 – 3 %. Congressman Bruce indicated that the reason for this increasing growth rate is the constant flow of national and foreign public / private investments. Congressman Bruce said “We must continue working on policies to encourage investments to reduce poverty and implement the best policies for a sustainable development.” Congressman Bruce has also emphasized on efficiency of the check-balance mechanisms with the Congress of Peru for the executives. He added that in Peru, there is no possibility for re-election.

While closing his remarks, Congressman Bruce added a highlight from his last visit to Turkey and the relief organization Kimse Yok Mu. He underlined that Kimse Yok Mu is only using 7% of the donations for their operational costs while delivering all the rest (93%) for the people in need. Congressman Bruce said that this is a very successful practice by a civil society organization, which he underlined that he thinks none of the governments could have the same efficiency.

Hon. Congresswoman Maria Lourdes Alcorta delivered her speech by appreciating the majority of woman participants for the event. Member of the Permanent Commissions of the Parliament for National Defense, Women Affairs, and Energy Mines, Congresswoman Alcorta indicated that the Peru has a complicated political position in the region because of the problems in the neighboring countries. She specified that the freedom of speech, religion & expression, and the obligation of the re-election of the government are what put Peru in an exclusive position comparing to their neighbors.

Congresswoman Alcorta mentioned about the free trade agreements signed with the United States, European Union, China, Japan and Chile. She also underlined that the Peru is on the process of signing an agreement with Turkey as well. Alcorta highlighted that because of these vibrant economic activities, Peruvian people has great access to the job market and thus there is stability in their democracy. Congresswoman Alcorta stated the critical role of the mining industry in Peru. Underlining their natural resources, minerals and gold resources, she mentioned that the best growth capacity of Peru is the mining and fishing industry. Congresswoman Alcorta concluded her remarks by saying that it is the role of the politicians to make this growth rate increase even higher towards sustainable development.

Mehmet Kilic, has closed this fruitful discussion on the social and economic development of Peru by thanking the Congress Members for their remarks at the Peace Islands Institute.

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Mehmet Kilic is the Director of Center for Global Affairs.

Fr. Permanent Representative of El Salvador is Ambassador Carlos Garcia.

Hon. Maria Lourdes Alcorta and Hon. Carlos Bruce are Members of the Congress of Peru.