Comparison of the Torah & the Quran

Peace Islands and Woodlands Community Temple organized an event “Comparison of the Torah & the Quran- life of Joseph(pbuh)”. Thank you Woodlands Community Temple #interfaith #peace #islam #judaism #nyc

Spirituality in the Modern World – Catholic and Muslims Perspectives

Spirituality in the Modern World - Catholic and Muslim Perspectives with James Martin, SJ and Dr. Zuleyha Keskin Synopsis Spirituality in the modern world plays an important role for many in regards to their personal development, betterment and relations with others and also shapes ones world view and moral compass. In this session the speakers […]

National Day of Prayer Program

Humanity is once again going through testing times. While domestic tensions exacerbate a cycle of distancing and polarization at home, the wars and armed conflicts in the international arena increase the sufferings of fellow human beings. Moreover, on a no less worrying front, the deprivation of millions of humans from basic living standards is deepening […]

Young Peace Ambassadors Academy

Peace Islands Institute launched the Young Peace Ambassadors Academy (YPAA), which is a peace education program for the middle and high school students in the New York City. The aim of this 6-weeks intense leadership program is to provide a space platform for the students, who are interested in the social science, to learn about […]

A Conference on the Freedom of the Press

A Conference on the Freedom of the Press in the Middle East was held in Boston College on Saturday. A joint program by the Peace Islands Institute, a nonprofit organization committed to dialogue and peacebuilding, and the Boston College Islamic Civilization and societies program, the conference consisted of a three panel discussion on the topics […]

Online Discussion: “Understanding the ‘other’-the case of Muslim diaspora in Europe and America” with Dr. John Esposito

Understanding the ‘Other’  The case of Muslim Diaspora in America and Europe In this virtual talk, Dr. John L Esposito will discuss the emergence of Muslim communities and the respective differences between the American and European Muslim experience. From there, the conversation will lead into the history of Islamophobia and how Islamophobia has changed and […]

Ramadan 2019

Ramadan Iftar Dinners bring individuals from different religious and cultural communities together to learn about the significance of the month of Ramadan within Islamic Tradition, engage in friendly table conversation, and break fast with an Iftar dinner. Peace Islands Institute New York organized/partnered wonderful 9 Iftar Dinners in New York. We hosted 1250 guests from […]

IFLC 2019 – 17th International Festival of Language & Culture

The International Festival of Language & Culture (IFLC) comes together to plant seeds of hope. In times of division and tragedy, we stand out as a world-traveling celebration of diversity. Welcome to our 17th annual tour! For nearly two decades, the IFLC has drawn participants from 160 countries, with over 1,000 performers taking stage around the globe. […]

New Zealand Message

“If you really need to hate something, hate the hatred within you” said Imam Ibrahim Atasoy during past week’s Friday’s Shabbat services at Woodlands Community Temple.  To an outsider, this may sound confusing: an imam making a speech during Shabbat services at a Jewish temple.  For us though, it was the perfect answer to the […]